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The Quilted Crow Girls
The Quilted Crow Girls
Known as "The Quilted Crow Girls" from Australia, Leonie Bateman and Deirdre Bond-Abel have been designing quilts for some time now, with a signature style that combines woven wools with rich cotton prints. While their styles are quite similar, each designs independently.

They love antique quilts and take inspiration from them, as well as the architecture that surrounds them, mixing traditional styles and adding a new twist to them by using beautiful wool appliqué. It was just a natural progression to put the two media together.

Twice yearly the duo travels to the US, to showcase their designs at International Quilt Market, and they take the opportunity to also teach at various quilt shops across the country, just as they do in Australia.

Are you new to the combination of cotton prints with wool? "For those of you who haven't tried working with woven wool -- give it a try -- you'll love it! So many people who have tried it for the first time have fallen in love with it -- it is just so soft and beautiful to work with. Combine it with cotton prints and there'll be no looking back!"

The design team's first book, "Elegant Quilts, Country Charm -- Appliqué Designs in Cotton and Wool" was published in May 2012 by Martingale, quickly became a best seller! They recently completed their second book, "Country Elegance -- Cotton and Wool Projects from The Quilted Crow Girls", which is due for release August 2014 (Martingale).

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