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Teresa Kogut

From an early age, Teresa Kogut felt compelled to draw and paint, often with the encouragement of her teachers and family. As she grew up into a practical young woman, she began to think that painting was something one did for enjoyment, not as a serious career. Her head told her to be practical, but her heart told her another story. Eventually her heart won, and she made the switch to Fine Art in college.

In 1994, Teresa and her husband, Kevin, started a wholesale business selling Teresa's framed art to retailers across the nation. She became overwhelmed by the business side of their company, Primitive Folk, and found little time to paint. However, in 1997 that all changed when agent Linda McDonald introduced Teresa to licensing. Licensing her art meant Teresa would get back to her first love, painting. The two began a professional and personal relationship that has brought prosperity to each and hundreds of products to consumers hungry for her designs. Products range from greeting cards and calendars to resin figurines and quilting fabric. Teresa's dream of designing and painting while staying at home with her husband and children became a reality even beyond her wildest dreams.

Teresa's whimsical designs and folk art color palette are favorites among quilters. She makes her Marcus Fabrics debut with two collections, Halloween Dance and Winter Friendships. Each line features Teresa's lovable characters along with several coordinating patterns that combine to create colorful and fun-filled quilts, crafts & home décor accents.

To learn more, visit www.teresakogut.com

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